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Story Line:
A raining evening, a focal point class apartment complex resident middle school student (SAE-Ran Kim) as Yeo-Seon, bus station introduces home alone, but he was not home. 10 days later, his beheaded body was found in a red suitcase. Gyung-hee (Kim Yunjin) Yeo-Seon has a stepmother. That evening, she was kidnapped and taken to his stepdaughter, she carries tremendous guilt. A few days later, Gyung-hee has so startled, it falls on the floor of his apartment complex parking lot. A girl stands in face of her. The young girls called Soo-Yeo (SAE-Ran Kim) and her strange likeness to the murder carries a stepdaughter. Soo-Yeo in the similar apartment compound. After another 10 days, and they still killed the murderer is caught. In the meantime, residents of an apartment complex with a suspicion of a number of people to start their …

IMDB Ratings: 6.5/10

Box Office
Gross: (South Korea) (16 September 2012) $15,879,015
Opening Weekend: (South Korea) (26 August 2012) (600 Screens) $5,295,570

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