Watch The Day (2012) Movie Online Free

Watch The Day (2012) Movie Free Online

A group of five people working to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic future discover what they think is a safe, abandoned farmhouse, but they soon find themselves fighting to stay alive as a gang of bloodthirsty predators attack.

  • Original title:
  • Also Known As: Dan opsade
  • Director: Douglas Aarniokoski
  • Stars: Ashley Bell, Shawn Ashmore, Michael Eklund
  • Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
  • Writer: Luke Passmore
  • Release Date: 29 August 2012 (USA)
  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 85 min
  • Country: USA
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Filming Locations: Ontario, Ottawa, Canada
  • Production Co: Preferred Content, Guy A. Danella Productions, Faction M
  • Taglines:
  • Plot Keywords: Post Apocalypse | One Day | Survival | Two Word Title | Siege
  • Motion Picture Rating (MPAA): Strong bloody violence, pervasive language and some nudity for R grade

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