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Lego Star Wars Movie (2012) Free Online

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Story Line:
The film begins with the rebels destroy the Death Star. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo and Yavin IV, Princess Leia Organa’s briefing rebel force at the rebel base is located fly. He has a secret base on Hoth clearance of all rebels to destroy the Death Star, so when the rebels against the empire, perhaps, that it is planning a counter-strike. When he, Luke, R2-D2, Han and Leia, Luke and Han and Leia R2-D2 with a collection of Gungan warriors, Naboo base attack on the database location to find a Stormtrooper. They all left hurriedly, Chewbacca, and the Millennium Falcon; he also finds out from behind the slow C-3PO, to leave.

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